Simularity At Mobile World Congress 2014 with Hitachi Data Systems


Hitachi Data Systems has invited Liz Derr, CEO of Simularity, to demo Simularity’s predictive analytics technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 24-27.

Simularity has developed a web-based application for telecommunications providers that allows non-technical users to do real-time, interactive predictive analytics on live streaming data combined with billions of historical records and data from a wide variety of sources, including public data. In this application, Simularity’s High Performance Correlation Engine is able to calculate correlations across call detail record data combined with census data, device data, demographics, and geo-coded social data.

With Simularity, you can dynamically create relevant, ad hoc predictive queries without needing to write code or learn complicated statistics. Pinpoint where your targeted customer segments are during commute hours, determine foot traffic by device for your address, find cell towers that are causing your targeted customer segment problems, find out where upper income people with iPads eat lunch, and much more.

To see Simularity’s technology in action, come by the Hitachi Data Systems Booth in Hall 6-6A60.  If you’d like to arrange for an interview or demo, please contact us at