Simularity AI To Power New Social Commerce App from Business In Gear

Simularity and Business In Gear are proud to have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, as they work together as follows:

Business In Gear (BIG) plans to soon launch a revolutionary mobile app called SIMon – combining the simplicity of instant messaging with the reach of social media and the convenience of online shopping.

Simularity will work with BIG to increase the adoption and use of SIMon, using Simularity’s AI for Predictive Analytics and Personalized Recommendations. The goal of the combined technology is to increase the richness of the user experience, and to increase both the volume and size of e-commerce transactions (Average Order Value).

BIG also plans to use its market and technology know-how to assist Simularity with market introduction activities in the Asian Telecom market.

“We are excited to be working with Business In Gear”, commented Liz Derr, Co-Founder and CEO of Simularity. “The market for AI in Predictive Analytics is exploding and we appreciate Business In Gear teaming up with us in the Asian market – both in terms of product synergy and market opportunities.”

“Business in Gear’s new app will take the user experience of social mobile commerce to a new level”, said Dr. Rodwin Bahadur, CEO of Malaysian-based Business In Gear. “After researching many technologies, we are satisfied we have found a scalable and powerful recommendation engine to help power the experience for our users and our customers”, added Dr. Bahadur