AI Image Anomaly Detection Now on ESRI

Simularity’s Automatic Image Anomaly Detection System (AIADS) is now available on Esri’s platform, through the DigitaGlobe Image+Anaytics (Press release link) subscription service.

“We look forward to seeing more applications of our breakthrough AI-driven image anomaly detection, through the new service offered by DigitalGlobe and Esri”, said Liz Derr, CEO and Co-founder of Simularity.

Imagery+Analytics subscriptions allow Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 customers in North America to easily access DigitalGlobe’s library of highest-quality satellite imagery and the most powerful geospatial big data analytics commercially available. More details are on DigitalGlobe’s site here:

In addition to AIADS on DigitalGlobe’s GBDX platform, AIADS is also available to customers as a standalone installation, or in the cloud, depending on their needs.

AIADS supports imagery from several satellite image providers, as well as drone imagery for higher resolution and more time-sensitive applications.

As part of this launch, Simularity is offering a free consultation to the next 10 qualified customers who contact us. As part of the consultation, customers will receive an actual anomaly image generated for their area of interest – anywhere in the world.

Contact Simularity to arrange your fee consultation today.