Make The Most Of Your Data

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You know that there are answers hidden in your data

Answers to questions like “How can I find more high-value customers?”, “Which treatments are most effective?”, “What is the best way to reach the people in the demographic group I want to target?”, “Which factors are predictive indicators of bad outcomes?”, “Where are the bottlenecks in my systems and what factors can help me predict and resolve them?”

We help you find those answers.

We make predictive analytics easy to use and understand, giving you the power to freely explore the connections in your data. Real, relevant, and accurate predictive analytics at your fingertips. No programming, no mumbo jumbo, no waiting.

Now, you don’t need to be a data scientist to get those answers

We give you real, relevant predictive analytics that are easy to understand. Our Predictive Archetypes make it easy to find the answers you need, fast. You don’t need to know which questions to ask – we automatically find the important relationships in your data. No need to learn how to program in R or SAS, no need to wait for the IT team to create custom reports, and no need for data scientists to create machine learning models that are hard to understand and hard to use.

With Simularity’s solutions, you can easily discover relevant connections in your data that can help you connect more deeply with your customers, find new high-value customers, uncover risks and take preventive action, discover inefficiencies that are costing you money, and grow your business.


You need answers fast

No one wants to wait hours or days for the results of their analysis. Our software gets you game changing answers fast: make responsive, personalized product recommendations; analyze your customer data to create predictive micro-segments, predict component failures in time to avoid them; evaluate risks of adverse events and take proactive measures; or find predictive patterns hidden in massive amounts of data.


You need to correlate data from a wide variety of sources

Our High Performance Correlation Engine easily ingests data in any form, from any source, streaming or bulk. Combining your real-time streaming data from a variety of sources with siloed data and even public data sources is a snap. Customization is quick and easy.


You need accurate predictions

By using all of your relevant data, instead of a sample of events or subset of features, you can make unexpected discoveries that sampling just can’t deliver. Simularity’s technology combines machine learning and statistical probabilities in a patent-pending process to automatically determine which features are relevant to your prediction goals.

Get the most out of your computing resources

Simularity was built for speed, efficiency, and interoperability. Our software runs on commodity servers. Our massively parallel processing methodology makes the most of your multi-core servers, and the work can be distributed to a large cluster of nodes.