Event Prediction At The Edges Of The Network

Simularity does real time event prediction and anomaly detection on commodity devices large and small.  We’ve developed innovative new methods for deep machine learning that combine event triggers, time series data, and temporal reasoning.  

Easy For Decision Makers To Use
  • Point and click UI means no need to write code or choose algorithms
  • Simularity’s Predictive Archetypes are powerful, accurate, predictive models that are easy to explain and understand
  • Discovery is automated with Predictive Archetypes – no need to know which questions to ask



Super Fast Deployment
  • Basic integration in a few days
  • On premise option available
  • Easy to customize with rules and pre-built web-based user interfaces
  • Existing connectors for most data sources, including all RDBMS, syslogs, unstructured data, social data, NoSQL, Hadoop, and Hitachi Content Platform
  • REST API for integration with existing tools and work flows makes adoption fast


Scalable Real Time Predictions
  • Supports trillions of data points, real-time ingestion, and millisecond response times
  • Easily combines data from a wide variety of sources, putting an end to the limitations of data silos
  • Optimized for clusters of commodity multi-core machines, and scales linearly
  • Runs on devices as small as Arduinos



ray-richardon-150x150 ml_conf_logo-1b09cb22b211d33c034d602f445fb22e

Meet Ray Richardson, our Chief Technology Officer. Ray will speak on “Practical Predictive Analytics on Time Series Data using SAX” at the Machine Learning Conference in Seattle May 1, 2015


Healthcare IT industry leader, Elmar Flamme, speaks about Simularity’s clinical analytics at the Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo in London September 24, 2014

Come see our predictive maintenance demo at the Machine Learning Conference in Atlanta September 19, 2014

Simularity CEO Liz Derr will speak at Frost and Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation and Leadership Conference in San Jose September 16-17, 2014

Gabriel Sidhom, Vice President of Technology Development at Orange Silicon Valley, will present a case study using Simularity’s predictive analytics at the Telco Big Data Summit in Las Vegas, September 10, 2014

Simularity will be demoing our exciting new Predictive Archetypes at the Graph Lab Conference in San Francisco, July 21, 2014

Simularity Demoing Visual Predictive Analytics for Telecommunications at Mobile World Congress with Hitachi Data Systems

Simularity Joins Hitachi Data Systems at HIMSS to Unveil Integration With The Hitachi Clinical Repository

Simularity named a finalist in the StrataRx 2013 Startup Showcase

Simularity named a finalist in the DataWeek 2013 Startup Challenge