Increase sales with personalized recommendations

Suggestive selling is proven to work and when it comes to automating recommendations based on similarities among consumer sets, the opportunity for increasing sales is huge. With Simularity’s blazingly fast recommendation engine, offering recommendations in real time is easy.

  • Provide relevant product offers based on user profiling at checkout
  • Offer real-time recommendations online based on similarities and correlations with other site users
  • Enhance ROI with suggestive selling elements
  • Identify patterns of opportunities
  • Reduce loss by detecting fraud at the point of sale
  • Engage customers with personalized email communications

Discover customer behavior patterns

Simularity’s Technology lets you perform self-service predictive analytics for deeper dives into your data. Segment your customers, understand their behaviors, determine customer lifetime value by ad hoc segment, use precision micro-targeted marketing for a more relevant, personalized customer experience.