Our Artificial Intelligence Does The Hard Work For You


Simularity has developed artificial intelligence software to detect anomalies and predict events in real time. It combines diverse data (such as sensor data, machine data, clinical data, geocoded data, weather data, social data, and market data) and does spatiotemporal reasoning to learn normal behavior, detect anomalous behavior, predict events, find patterns that are hard for humans to detect, and classify behaviors. In addition to large clusters of commodity servers, our AI runs on small machines at the edges of the network, responding to patterns in real time and reducing infrastructure costs.

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Want to know more?

We’ve open-sourced loaders in Ruby and Prolog that transform data into our internal knowledge representation. Additionally, we use Symbolic Aggregate approXimation (SAX) to convert time series data into symbols, and we have open sourced our java SAX library.  All of this code can be found at https://github.com/simularity

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