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ai for disaster detection and response

Impending Disaster! …How AI-Driven Anomaly Detection Gives An Early Warning

Aug 20, 2017
ai for disaster detection and response

Disaster Anomaly Detection

  We conducted a successful demonstration in deploying our AI software for anomaly detection during “Operation Convergent Response” (OCR). This interactive event showcased the single-largest, real-world IoT test environment. Hosted at the Guardian Centers’ 800-acre facility in Perry, GA, Operation Convergent Response was as close as you can get to real-life hazardous locations and real disaster scenes without being in an actual oil refinery, chemical plant, or disaster area. Simularity’s market ready solution for disaster management was showcased, using sensors and gateways powered by Intel. OCR was an opportunity to witness firsthand the power of emerging IoT technologies, including IoT sensors, advanced communications, robotics, artificial intelligence and more, and to discover how technology and innovation investments can bring big data to life while offering value for daily operations, as well as in extreme situations. For more details on this market ready solution, click the image below for the PDF. disaster market ready solution simularity pdf  
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