Simularity and Spacemetric Team to Improve Anomaly Detection

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As the geospatial industry learns to handle ever increasing volumes and resolutions of imagery, including drone data and video, customers are demanding more effective ways to extract valuable insights from their data. The challenge with large volumes of imagery is distinguishing interesting and unusual change from “normal” change and avoiding spurious results from poor input data.

Two software companies with unique technologies have discovered that their offerings are the perfect match to solving this problem. Combining Spacemetric’s Keystone technology to supply high-accuracy imagery to Simularity’s recently announced Automated Image Anomaly Detection System (AI-ADS), presents an exciting way for customers to have true “tip and cue” intel from their images.

Spacemetric and Simularity are partnering to explore solutions such as:

  •      Reducing crime by spotting illegal or unwanted activity in remote areas
  •      Increasing civilian and military defense by finding evidence of potential IED’s along roads and pathways, before they cause harm
  •      Increasing municipal revenues and license fees from unpermitted construction when the land is first being cleared
  •      Uncovering potential threats to national security close to borders, by alerting nearby officials of strange occurrences

Spacemetric’s Keystone platform provide accurately geo-located images to the Simularity AI-ADS, which generates alerts which can be used to quickly pinpoint which anomalies are most critical to investigate further.

spacemetric keystone with simularity ai
Overview of Keystone Platform and Service Modules, Which Could Include Simularity AI-ADS

“Until now, it’s been a real challenge for us to have properly aligned images in order for our AI to learn what’s normal on the ground, and then to be able to detect when something significant has happened in an area of interest. Using Spacemetric’s Keystone platform, not only can our customers get faster and more accurate anomaly predictions, but the broad range of image sources including drones and video, makes this a game changer” – Liz Derr, CEO, Simularity Inc.

automated image anomaly detection in syria
Simularity AI-ADS detecting a minor fire as “Hotspot Anomaly” in Syria

“This is something our customers are asking for, and by applying the Simularity AI-ADS to our image data we can deliver powerful insights to them in a timely manner” – Bob Moll, Managing Director, Spacemetric BV.

Simularity and Spacemetric are already rolling this capability out to beta customers  – contact us today to discuss how we can help you.