Correlated: Cholorophyll Measurements from Space vs On Site Sampling

In collaboration with the Simularity Foundation, a non-profit focusing on using technology and remote sensing data to monitor the planet, a new report has been released that reveals an interesting correlation… Read the report details here and Contact the Foundation, Donate, and Sign up to the Foundation’s mailing list for alerts on future reports.

July 2021: Clarification on Ship Image

Accurate Reporting The above image was included in our report with an image credit: “Image source: unknown ship from Marine Executive”.   Our reprint permissions specifically state that news organizations must include the credit for any images they reprint. Unfortunately, one media organization did not, and misidentified the picture.  We did not use this image in our research. …

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July 2021: Water Quality in Spratlys Report

Methods and Sources Imagery: All imagery was provided by Sentienel 2 of the European Space Agency, freely available at the ESA’s open access hub Algorithm: The Chlorophyll-a Concentrations were determined using the C2RCC algorithm which is supplied with the European Space Agency’s Sentinel Toolbox, SNAP, which is also freely available. Chlorophyll-a concentrations are in mg/m3. …

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